Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Redefining Beauty ...

Sorry ~ this is not a Stampin' Up related post but I wanted to share something dear to my heart!
Being apart of the Face of Pink in Contest for me was more than your typical 'beauty contest' where 'beauty' is defined by how you look in an evening gown and bathing suit while doing some 'talent' in front of judges ~ it was about helping to redefine how we see beauty in our culture beyond the typical unattainable 'Photoshopped' images we see in the media!

The Face of Pink Ink contest  for me was about empowering women to see the beauty within themselves and it was about supporting other women to take risks and put themselves out there a chance to be pampered and spoiled and treated like a Queen for the Day ~ to experience the life of a 'model' or 'superstar' for just a moment with a personal shopper choosing clothes and jewellery and having your hair and make up done by professionals!  So while there may only be 3 women chosen to represent Pink Ink as the next Face of Pink Ink this year ~ in my opinion we are ALL winners for having had the experience!

For me entering something like this was about pushing myself outside my comfort zone, finding my inner courage and self confidence to take a risk with putting myself 'out there' to be on display as a potential centre of attention when for so long i have been content to blend into the background the quiet 'support' that lifts others up into the spotlight! This experience  was about being empowered to show the world that YES I am BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out and to step outisde my normal 'suit of armor' I present myself to the world ~ to have fun with hair and make up and be daring in trying a new look that shows the personality from within!

As part of the contest particpants had to share in 150 works or less what 'beauty' means to them. This is my entry ....

"Beauty is the emotion that radiates out from within – beauty can be breath taking or it can be subtle sense of warmth that just surrounds you! The beauty in things overflows into the hearts of others making them better for the experience. Everyday it is the piece of art a person creates upon waking to share with the world.

One’s style is not about vanity but about self-expression. Sometimes we dress so the world will see us in all our glory and sometimes we dress in a virtual suit of armor to protect our self from the world. Our sense of style says so much about what is going on with a person. Our outer self is the canvas and how we choose to paint it represents the feelings or sense of self from inside that we want to express! Beauty is from within!"

The contest is coming to a close this week ~ so if you have not already done so can you take a minute and click 'like' on the following albums below and help me out with my dream to push myself even more this year and into 2015 and to give me a chance work closely with Jen and Rita who are truly remarkably empowering women ~ it would be truly appreciated!

Than if you have another moment take a peek at all the other lovely entrants and ‘like’ the definitions of beauty and photos that speak to you too because there are some amazing ladies alongside me in this empowerment program!

To make it easier to find me for those in a time constraint here are the links to the albums with me in them :)


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The Face of Pink Ink:

Pink Ink:


3 Ring Video:

Jockey P2P with Mary-Ann:

Park Lane Jewelry with Tammy:

Jockey P2P with Carolyn:

Angelic Images Photography:

Thank you so much ... and a huge thank you to all the sponsors for their contribution in the amazing experience with goodie bags and samples!

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