Monday, June 27, 2011

Capturing a Kitchen Reno

So I took lots of pictures to document the kitchen renovation process and what a process it was .... they say nothing worth doing right is easy ... well that was an understatement with this experience!

We are still waiting on a reply from Direct Buy on how they and Kitchen Craft are going to make things right with the financial impact of the extended delay we experienced. A delay that was due solely to their lack of quality control in sending us the wrong sized cabinet initially and than their almost 4 week delay in fixing that problem to get us the correct cabinet so that we could resume our renovation!

It arrived eventually and Element Home Improvements were awesome in quickly completing the renovation and getting us a functional kitchen once again - and we are very please with how it all pulled together!

So with the kitchen fully functional and all organized once again I am hoping that my creative mojo has finally returned and that I can get back on track with my Stampin' as I am very excited with the new Catty that goes live on Friday - some seriously amazing new products coming out!

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