Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to Spool with a new crafting space!

 Just wanted to pop on and share the Back to Spool special for September is coming to a close ~ last week to take advantage of getting some free Ribbon!

Also wanted to give an update that our basement renovations took way longer than anticipated but are finally almost complete ~ it sure cuts into finding time to craft and blog but the light is finally getting closer at the end of that tunnel and I so cannot wait to have some spare time again to make use of my new crafting space.

This weekend I finally got my craft room almost 'complete' ... just need to put together a couple of the IKEA mirror door inserts to hide some of the clutter and than do the 'decorating' of some art work for the walls so thought I would share some photos so far :)

View from the door looking to the right ... Michaels had their Recollection cubes on sale this month and I went a little overboard but am totally LOVING the outcome! Desk is from IKEA and I need to get a new chair down the road as this is one of my 'class chairs' and while ok for an hour or so not for all day crafting!

Invested in some IKEA Expedit cubes ~ loving how much these hold .. combination of all my craft stuff and the rotation toys for the daycare and all the kids books conveniently organized in one area.

 Close up view of my desk top ....  love how the little cubes hold all my knick knacks at my finger tips!

 Made use of every last inch of space for storage ... Recollection cubes under the desk hold my card samples, envelopes, straps of paper in the drawers and so forth.

Initially I was going to use the IKEA towel racks on the wall for punch storage but while shopping I noticed that this IKEA side desk drawer option was a PERFECT size to hold all my punches and embossing folders and so forth ... the Stampin Up new punches all stand up so I can pull open the drawer and see what is there by the image plus they are all contained so when I am sitting reflecting there is less visual chaos on the wall to distract my creativity.  

The Recollections 12x12 hanging file cubes are perfect for keeping all my paper at my finger tips, neatly organized and free from light and dust ... well worth the investment!

Happy Stampin'

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  1. Wow! Your space looks amazing and organized! Thanks so much for sharing so many great photos!