Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saying Thank You ~ makes Scents

Just wanted to share a previous example of some custom ordered thank you card designs I had made for a wonderful Scentsy consultant to share with her team and customers ~ I love my Scentsy and making these cards were so super fun to do.

In my opinion nothing says THANK YOU like a hand stamped card to show someone that you truly appreciate them ~ and what is even better is when it's a card that can tie in your company branding and help your customer remember you not just for  your excellent customer service but for your thoughtful card as well!  

The possibilities for creative custom thank you cards and materials for your business are endless ~ this is the inside of a card sample that holds a business card inside so it does not 'get lost' for new customers or it can be used as a 'welcome card' for potential hostesses.
Mini purses ~ make perfect and memorable 'sample' holders

My mini purses are always a hit ... perfect for holding business card and Scent samples and if your company allows I can even add your actual logo to your custom ordered card to make that 'brand specific' thank you card even more memorable!

Side view shows that there is room in the little purse to add literature and samples!
 If you are interested in purchasing some custom made cards or purses please give me a shout I would love to hook you up!

 Custom Designed Card Price List
$6 each for full size ~ 3x3 mini cards are $2.50 each
$25 for set of 5 ~ 3x3 minis cards $10 for set of 5
$40 for set of 10 ~ 3x3 mini cards $15 for a set of 10

Mini Purses Price List
$5 each
$20 for set of 5
$30 for set of 10

Happy Stampin'

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