Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing with Embossing using My Digital Studio

This is awesome ... another new feature to play with with the My Digital Studio! I was cruising the Stampin' Up blogs and stumbled across a demo who had shared a card where she had given the illusion of an 'embossed' Medallion stamp by layering it ... it was gorgeous so I thought I would try my own inspiration! I am so sorry I didn't think to write down the demo's name - if I stumble back across her site I will come back to edit to give credit!

Here is the front of the card ....
Here is the inside of the card ...


  1. Very cool effect! I love that you did the inside of the card too!

  2. Thanks Liz ... having lots of fun with learning all the things the My Digital Studio can do ... and am LOVING it!