Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Wow a huge thank you to Gwen for passing me the Stylish Blogger Award - I too was so pleasantly surprised to find her warm comments on my blog today!

On a funny note I just wanted to say that this was PERFECT timing for me because just yesterday I got one of those 'chain mail' emails from a friend - you know the ones that say if you do not pass this one to 20 people than starting tomorrow you will have 13 years bad luck ... and well as I deleted it without forwarding I said to myself "I make my OWN luck and nothing but good things will happen to me tomorrow "- and here we are out of the blue someone I have never met is making me feel special and appreciated - a huge thank you Gwen .... please check out her blog here .

So the way the award program works is sort of a 'pay it forward' approach - which I love because it goes back to the we attract into our lives what we put out!

So to play along we need to ...

A) thank the person(s) who gave the award to us and link back to their blog - done :)
B) Share 8 things about ourself:
  1. I am passionate for cultivating creativity in myself and others - which is what drew me to Stampin' Up and blogging.
  2. I am an Early Childhood Educator who after almost 20 years in the field chose to stay home and open up a home based early learning program - and I LOVE it!
  3. I sit on the Executive Board of the Association of Early Childhood Educators here in my home town as Professional Policy, Public Relations and Newsletter Chair and help to advocate for the Early Years field.
  4. I sit on the Executive Board of the London District Home Childcare Network in my home town in the role of Vice President and Professional Development Chair - we are a not for profit group that advocates for supporting parental choice in childcare through self regulation and we host a directory for helping connect parents with quality childcare providers as well as organizing professional development and network opportunities for childcare providers.
  5. I am passionate about car seat safety and volunteer as a Car Seat Technician with the Buckle Up Baby program here in my home town. We hold monthly car seat clinics where parents can bring their car seat in and learn how to ensure it is installed properly and the best fit for their little treasure.
  6. I am a Celiac ... so when I am not working or volunteering I am cooking all my meals from scratch whenever possible to minimize my exposure to all the gluten fillers in processed foods!
  7. I am living in perpetual sin with wonderful man - we will be celebrating our seventh year of sinning this year and I am a step mother to his two children.
  8. I am an anally organized multi-tasker who must have had the phrase 'idle hands are the devils work' subliminally sent to me as a child because I cannot sit still and just relax without feeling guilty - I am ALWAYS on the go!
C)Pass this award on to 8 other individuals that you have recently discovered
  1. Liz .... who is my mentor and upline
  2. Alesha ... whose expertize in My Digital Studio is always inspiring
  3. Ashley ... whose has inspired many a scrapbook layout for me
  4. Sandi ... whose wonderful challenge shares inspire me to think outside the box
  5. Holly ... who I stumbled across in a search for my favorite doll and found a blog instead
  6. Leonie ... has some awesome technique shares - like scratch and sniff cards!
  7. Angela ... whose stampin style inspires me and wonderful blend of cards and scrapbooks
  8. Rose ... has some wonderful tutorials to share on her blog and a generous spirit to share for free!
D) Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your blog list!!! Your blog is awesome!!! ;)

  2. A big thank you from me also!! I wanted to send you a personal e-mail but I can't find your e-mail address or name anyplace (another "dah" moment for me???). You have a beautiful blog and awesome projects -- so glad I hunted you up to have a look. I really, really enjoyed reading your list of "things people don't know about you." What an awesome outlook on life you have -- you truly inspire me.
    Sandi Dailey